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This webpage serves as an introduction to basic fundamentals of food and water preparedness and provides hyperlinks to information resources where individuals and families can begin preparing themselves. Much of the information provided is drawn from sources where the researchers and authors are preparing for food scarcity in the event of a long-term power outage – which is the fastest way for America to experience famine. This point is made abundantly clear in the well-researched book titled “Grid Down: Death of a Nation” by former U.S. military S.E.R.E instructor Jonathan Hollerman. (S.E.R.E. stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape).


That report can be found here: 

When viewing this report, one should pay particular attention to the US Army study that restricted calories to 1500 per day for 6 months for volunteer soldiers. Pay close attention to the physiological effects on those soldiers and allow this information to inform your own preparedness, particularly with respect to planning for adequate caloric needs. 

For the most in-depth food preparedness information available, one can look to resources created by Jonathan Hollerman who manages “
Grid Down Consulting” and who has published the well-researched book “Survival Theory”. 

His book can be found here:


When reading his book pay particular attention to the chapter on “Long Term Food.”

Some information is provided below as excerpts from his book and from another publication titled “Real Risk Management for the Electric Grid” published years ago by the Center for Security Policy. 

For example, you will note that Hollerman recommends carefully determining caloric needs using a basal metobolic calculator for each member of your family. He then recommends applying the “Harris Benedict Equation” based on the type of activity you’ll be conducting in a crisis situation.

You can do all that here:

As you make your initial preparations, you should begin by stocking the types of food you already eat. We suggest building at least a 90-day supply with a goal to eventually store one year’s worth of long-term shelf stable food.  The initial preparedness can be achieved by following the steps outlined in the video linked below, which Hollerman created during the COVID pandemic:

As you conduct your own research into how best to purchase/store long-term shelf stable food (such as freeze dried food), just be sure to follow Hollerman’s “buyer beware” advice on the importance of counting calories.

We have found a very reputable company that offers long term food with full transparency on calories and ingredients.  This company is “Food Assets” and its website can be found here:

It is also important to know that you don’t have to seek out corporations like Food Assets or other companies to purchase long-term freeze-dried food.  Another great resource is the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

See here:

You can find the nearest LDS temple and contact them about buying food: 

In addition to becoming more prepared by storing food, we also recommend establishing relationships with local farmers and learning how to grow food yourself as close to home as possible. 

Basic gardening is beyond the scope of this website since so many resources already exist, but we do want to make the reader aware of a really innovative company that is helping people worldwide become more “food secure” by promoting the development of perennial “food forests.” 

The company was founded by Jim Gale and is called “Food Forest Abundance.”

Its website can be found here:

The following excerpt is taken from “Real Risk Management for the Electric Grid.”  This information is not as comprehensive as what you will find in Jonathan Hollerman’s books but it serves as a very good start and is worth reviewing while you wait for your copy of “Survival Theory” to arrive.

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